Wonderful World Of Photography 2016


Taft Camera Club

Wonderful World Of Photography 2016

Photo Contest Rules Agreement


  1. The Wonderful World of Photography contest is open to everyone except members of the Taft Camera Club.
  2. Each entrant may enter up to four (4) images in each of the following four (4) categories.
    • People………..…. ( Portrait, Group, Candid, Etc. )
    • Places……………. ( Local, Travel, Nature, Buildings, Etc. )
    • Activities….…….. ( Action, Sports, Hobbies, Etc. )
    • Oil Patch……..….. ( Anything that is related to the Oil Industry, Historical, Etc. )
  1. Only digital entries will be accepted and must be submitted by mail on a CD disk. The CD disk should be clearly marked with the entrant’s name and labeled “Photo Contest.”
  2. Each digital entry must be submitted in jpg The image should be saved at a high enough resolution that accurately reflects the maker’s intent when viewed on a computer monitor or projected onto a screen.
  3. Each jpg file name must match the image title. Example: Sandy Beach.jpg
  4. There is an entry fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00) to enter the Wonderful World of Photography Each digital CD and entry form must be accompanied by a check for $10.00 payable to the Taft Camera Club.
  5. The digital CD, entry form, and entry fee of $10.00 must be mailed to the Taft Camera Club, P.O. Box 682, Taft, CA 93268 and must be postmarked NO LATER THAN Thursday, September 15th
  6. The Taft Camera Club Wonderful World Of Photography 2016 contest entries will be judged at the regular meeting of the club on Tuesday October 11th. Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded on Saturday, October 15th at a location to be announced on or before the club meeting on October 11th, 2016
  7. All entries will be judged by a panel of Taft Camera Club members based on a combination of content, composition, and technical considerations with no particular weight being assigned to any one component. The overall impact of the image will be determined by the judges.
  8. The Taft Camera Club may display images of the contest entries in various media, including print, TV, and website or gallery showings. All entrants agree to allow any or all of their images to be exhibited following the contest without compensation of money or services to the photographer and such agreement is a condition of their images being accepted in the contest.
  9. All CD disks submitted by entrants and all subsequent CD disks created for the purpose of conducting all aspects of the photo contest are the property of the Taft Camera Club and the Taft Camera Club assumes all responsibility for ensuring that the individual images submitted are not used for any commercial purpose or for any financial gain the entry fee used to conduct the contest.
  10. The Taft Camera Club assumes no liability for loss or damage of entries while in transit.
  11. Except as described in this Photo Contest Rules Agreement, ownership rights and all images remain the sole property of each photographer for their respective images.

To enter the contest please download the entry form by clicking the link below.

WORD Icon Wonderful World Of Photography 2016 – Entry Form.DOC

PDF Icon  Wonderful World Of Photography 2016 Entry Form.PDF

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