Taft Camera Club Members

  • Maureen Webb – I have been interested in photography since I was young, I watched my mother take photos of everything including family vacations. Now I have my own family and am taking moments in time and preserving them with photography. I also work as a photojournalist for the local newspaper. I love the art of photography and the beauty it can represent. I haven’t won any awards yet, but am always looking forward to contests, competitions, and fairs to show my photographs. I also appreciate the talents of fellow photographers and the advice and tips they may share.
  • Tyrone Maddox – Tyrone got interested in photography in 1965, when he started out with a 110 Film Camera. He later changed to digital. In 2009 he came to a Taft Camera Club meeting after talking to Bob Foreman. He started entering competitions in 2010 and won many awards at the Kern County Fair. Tyrone’s Favorite type of photo is Macro and taking photos of flowers. As the current president, he has kept the club moving forward.
  •  Karen White – My first photography experience was back in high school shooting & developing Black & White photos. Then I stepped around to the other side of the lens and was a professional model my last two years of high school. More recently I took up a camera to shoot Family Reunions on film. After losing a whole roll of film, moving on to DSLR, (Digital Single Lens Reflex), seemed the next logical step. Never having to pay for film and processing has proved to be a huge financial saving these last 14 yrs. Since joining Taft Camera Club several years ago, I have learned a great deal more and feel my photography skills have greatly improved. Listed here are a few of my accomplishments:
    – Chamber of Commerce contest, published post card.
    – Won several awards at the Kern County Fair
    – Won several top rankings in the bi-monthly Taft Camera Club competitions
    – Published in the local Independent paper
    – Participated in the 80th anniversary of Taft Camera Club
    – Produced a long time dream, a pre-movie short “Taft, Your Vacation Destination” for our local Fox Theater.”It’s never too late to learn new skills.”
  • Arthur  Tamayo – Owner operator of Taft PC Services has been an amateur photographer since 1994. but has been interested in “taking good pictures” since the age of 7 when his mother let him borrow her Kodak Instamatic. Arthur  became interested in participating in photographic competitions after joining the Taft Camera Club in 2009. Arthur is primarily interested in macro, nature, HDR, long exposures and reflective abstracts and most recently, areal, underwater, high speed, action photography and video production. Arthur’s work covers a wide range of subjects including custom cars & other vehicles, landscapes, architecture, wildflowers, insects, livestock and still life but will take pictures of just about everything that can be seen from the microscopic to the astronomic. Arthur has served as the Technology Director for the Taft Camera Club since 2010. 
  • Esther Dopyera Livingston – Photography has been a long time hobby of Esther Livingston. Esther’s first camera was a Baby Brownie. Esther hadn’t started competing in photography until she joined the Taft Camera Club in 2010.
    “I also like old pictures and have fun cleaning them up and doing historical work with them.” Esther received a degree in History at Taft Community College. Esther has completed work on a photo program for Oildorado 2015.

We also honor our former members.

  • Dr. Lyn “Mimi” Collins – A retired educator, has been an avid photographer since childhood, when she saved cereal box tops and nickels for her first Brownie camera. Living in Panama, Micronesia, Australia, American Samoa, and Liberia gave Mimi a special interest in travel photography. She is new to exhibiting and competing, and enjoys expanding into these areas with Taft Camera Club.
  • Dr. Barbara R. Valine Wheeler – lives in Bakersfield, CA. She is an elementary school teacher and has been an amateur photographer for over fifteen years. Dr. Wheeler has won numerous awards at the Kern County Fair, and SJVCCC council competitions, has had work published in the Taft Independent, and has had work displayed in Bakersfield and in Russia. The images that Dr. Wheeler has displayed on this website are copyright pending.